Skemí_ta: demo cassette

Sorry State Records


After the demise of Stripmines in the summer of 2012, Jeff Young (guitar) and Alex Taylor (bass) kept writing songs, looking for the perfect lineup to keep pushing forward their unique brand of raw, fast, and technical hardcore. Eventually recruiting Cameron Craig (Logic Problem, Double Negative, Davidians) on drums and Usman on vocals, Skemí_ta started playing shows in late 2013 and were immediately a force to be reckoned with. Fans of Stripmines will certainly love them, but Skemí_ta incorporates a bunch of new influences as well, like the subtle melodic qualities of Sickoids and the rawer, more direct hardcore of bands like Framtid and Bastard. Watch for a debut LP from these guys on Sorry State later this summer. This release is limited to 150 copies with 2-sided, screen printed j-cards, pro-duplicated tapes and download code.


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Tags: 10s d-beat hardcore north carolina recommended ushc