Sin Motivo: El Desierto 12" (new)

Not Normal Records


True Believers, allow a moment of vulnerability from the venerable. I've dreaded this moment, this release for some time, not because there was any chance of it being a bumbling bargain-binner, quite the opposite; I knew that my attempts to describe this long-awaited long-player would inevitably fall short. Where do you start with this Texas five piece, a group that has consistently defied expectations and flouted attempts to whittle them down to just these three influences, that same old x,y,z? They're certainly heirs to their Texan lineage, that weirdo strain that counts rock 'n' roll maniacs like Roky, Soxx, Floyd, Kerr, Biscuits, Really Red, Mydolls, the Stains, etc among its number. There's that Is This My World-ian wall of guitar, that disorienting, that Shatter-Loosian blend of wonder mixed with contempt. But what's past is past, and Sin Mo is here, a dazzling future given shape for feeble present tense minds.

Our take: Latest record from this Wiccans-affiliated band out of Denton, Texas. They have come out with a flurry of releases over the past few months and they're all really good. Sin Motivo are an interesting band... they're not as tight and precise as some of the other Texas bands like Vaaska or Impalers, but they're also not a loose and raw d-beat band really. They're more of an expansive, forward-thinking, noisy hardcore band. The closest thing I can think of is the Invasion / Destino Final axis... like those bands this is very d-beat-informed and noisy, but by no means relies solely on Discharge to give them their sound. Like those bands, also, there's a sort of grandness to this music. It's not "epic" in a Tragedy kind of way, but Sin Motivo aren't afraid of a big, monstrous riff. Maybe mid-period Neurosis would also be a good reference point? Throw in some absolutely killer artwork and you have one solid 12" slab of hardcore punk.
Tags: 10s gb325 hardcore recommended spanish-language texas