Silla Elí©ctrica: Ritmo Suicida 12" (water-damaged sleeve)

Solo Para Punks Records


NOTE: These copies were part of a shipment from Spain that was heavily damaged in transit. The vinyl is in new/unplayed condition, but the jackets all have serious corner dings and water damage. These are being sold at a discount, but if you are a stickler about jacket condition I advise you to find these somewhere else.

Debut 12" from this Spanish band and it's a f***ing SORCHER. These guys had several earlier EPs and I remember them having synths and a slightly new wave-ish vibe... well, don't expect any of that here, as it's just total go-for-the-throat Spanish punk, delivered with all of the intensity that you would expect from a band who probably has to play regularly with bands like Otan, Glam, and Sudor. These guys definitely have a catchier and more melodic sound than the aforementioned bands, but the raw production and ridiculously energetic delivery just mean that the mean parts are that much more mean when they kick in. A lot of people are saying this is one of the best LPs of the year and I'm inclined to agree. f***ing smoking! Solo Para Punks Records

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Tags: 10s garage Spain