Silent Order: Distraction 7"

Konton Crasher


New EP from this raw punk band out of Ottawa, Canada. Like their labelmates in Paranoid, Silent Order seem bent on pushing the d-beat formula to its limits, but rather than integrating more sophisticated songwriting and metallic influences like Paranoid, Silent Order up the ante by going in the opposite direction, making their music as raw and as primitive as possible. The dentist-drill guitar sound definitely makes me think of Disorder, but Silent Order aren't as pogo-y as most bands that have this kind of super raw, tinny sound. Instead, they sound kind of like early Extreme Noise Terror or something like that... raw, metallic crust, but Silent Order's razor thin guitar sound gives it this almost futuristic, cyber punk kind of vibe. It's a weird record, for sure, and if you like your d-beat both slightly quirky and raging this is worth checking out.
Tags: 10s canada d-beat hardcore yoobl