Silent Era: S/T 7" (new)

Square One Again


Silent Era plays dark melodic anarcho punk / HC in the best tradition of bands like A Touch of Hysteria or Post Regiment, if you can imagine the melding of those two bands.

Our take: Debut vinyl from this Bay Area band whose demo cassette we carried a few months back. Silent Era ply this particular style of melodic hardcore that's very near and dear to my heart. If you just want some band references things like Post Regiment, HDQ, and early Leatherface would fit the bill, but if you aren't familiar with those bands, the sound is built around a tough-sounding and fast-playing hardcore rhythm section, thick-sounding guitars that carry really interesting, intricate, often minor-key melodies, and sang vocals that carry a similar sort of dark pop sensibility as the guitars. It's a sound that can easily veer into pop-punk or emo if it's not done exactly right, but Silent Era do it exactly right, and if you enjoy the aforementioned bands it's a good bet you'll like this quite a bit as well. The only thing I'll say is that the production here is a little raw, and while I usually like that, I could see Silent Era having even more of an impact with a bigger, cleaner sound that lets the intricacy of their sound shine through even more. So, this is definitely a keeper but I have a feeling that if this band keeps going they have a record in them that will put this one to shame.
Tags: 10s bay area female-fronted hardcore melodic punk yoobl