Silent Era: Demo cassette



Demo cassette from this new band out of the Bay Area featuring former members of Criaturas (though I'm not sure exactly who). While this is quite a bit more melodic than Criaturas, it's similarly upbeat and punk, and nearly as shred-y... those are some killer, inventive guitar lines! With those fluid melodic leads cascading over nearly every part of every song I'm reminded of late 80s UK melodic hardcore greats like Exit Condition, Dan, HDQ, and the like... I've always been a sucker for that sound and era, so it's really pleasing to hear a band resurrect elements of that sound while grafting it onto a slightly more modern and more DIY hardcore aesthetic. I wonder if this is maybe too fast to appeal to the post-punks (who might be drawn in by the chorus-y guitar sound and darkly melodic vocals), but too melodic to appeal to people into straight up hardcore. I've always been one who really likes the bands that fall into these types of interesting gaps, and if you are too this is definitely worth a listen.

Tags: 10s bf16 female-fronted hardcore melodic punk tapesale