Sick Thoughts: Coming Over 7"

Going Underground Records

$2.75 $5.50

Latest 7" from this one-man project out of Baltimore. I think I've carried just about all of Drew's records up to this point and they've definitely gotten a lot better... I remember getting a very angry email from him a few months ago complaining that my descriptions of his records painted him as nothing more than a Reatards ripoff. I think the evidence kind of speaks for itself on those early records (not that they're not great, they're just heavily indebted to the Reatards), but he's definitely be onto some different shit lately. This new stuff has much more of a KBD feel with a seriously warped guitar sound and a much more riff-oriented, song-y approach that's way more memorable than anything he's done. Everything is catchier, wilder, and ultimately more memorable... I'd stack these three rippers up against any neo-KBD band and it would blow 99% of it away... I can't think of another group doing a more authentically raw and wild take on the KBD sound, so if you're a fan of those old comps or of raw, wild garage rock like Teengenerate this is one you'll definitely need to add to your pile.

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