Sick Thoughts: 18 & Free 7" (new)

Total Punk Records


It's finally happened! Total Punk and Drew Owen together at last. America's shittiest teenager and America's shittiest looking record label have joined forces to give you the single of the year. I was in the "he's putting out too many records" camp, but if he can keep knocking out songs like "18 & Free" and the b side "Choose Death" then you will hear no more complaints from this guy. Two instant punk classics and 100% TOTAL PUNK!

Our take: DAMN, DREW! Now, I know that Sick Thoughts have put out a lot of records, and you might be forgiven for thinking that they're interchangeable, but this little two-songer is straight FIRE. Moving away from their more garage-y roots, the a-side "18 & Free" is a blisteringly fast but still melodic punk song that almost has an early 80s LA punk feel. Not like the Adolescents or anything as polished as that, but you could probably drop this among the nastier bands like Flesh Eaters or Catholic Discipline on the American Youth Report compilation and no one would be the wiser. It's almost unfairly short, but holy crap does it do a lot in that short span of time. As for the b-side, it's great in a completely different way. Maybe it's because I saw Sick Thoughts cover "Scavenger of Death" on their recent tour, but I think that the b-side has a very Stick Men with Rayguns feel, with its huge, infectious main riff and vocals that pound away at you like a jackhammer. This one has it all... great songwriting, powerful but raw production, a confrontational performance... as great a single as Total Punk has ever put out, and that's saying something.
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