Sick Fix: Vexed 12" (orange vinyl)

A389 Records


Latest LP from this DC hardcore band featuring members of Coke Bust and Magrudergrind, among others. It's kind of hard to pin Sick Fix down... on the one hand, I get the label's reference to bands like Raw Nerve, Vaccine, and Confines, as the band plies a similarly catchy and memorable subgenre of noisy hardcore, but on the other hand the production on this album is so extreme and so heavy that it almost reminds me more of something like Nails or perhaps even Integrity or Ringworm. Throw in the pissed lady vox and you have something really unique. Heavy, aggressive, punishing... take any of your typical "extreme music" adjectives and they certainly apply here, though perhaps not in precisely the way you might expect them to. A389 Records

Tags: 10s metal USA