Siamese Twins: S/T 12"

Eunuch Records


Long-awaited debut LP from the mighty Siamese Twins! By now most of you probably know that this group features Liz from Libyans / Broken Prayer / Earth Girls as well as Megan from Foreign Objects / Ampere / Death Evocation / etc., and that they play a kind of shoegaze-y, melodic take on 80s UK post-punk like Sad Lovers and Giants, the Chameleons, etc. Of course you can't throw a black rose these days without hitting a new post-punk band, but Siamese Twins distinguish themselves by being a lot more pop than most groups, which I'm personally all about. When they're in Script of the Bridge (i.e. slightly downbeat, dark) mode they're as good as anyone in the game, but where they really excel are on the pop hits like "Submission," of which there are a few real bangers on this LP. Wrap it all up in some incredibly fetching artwork and you have the kind of record that you're bound to see on lots of year-end best-of lists.

Tags: 10s female-fronted indie melodic post-punk recommended shoegaze