SHI: Struggling Harsh Immortals 7"

Crust War


Debut 7" from this new Japanese band featuring some older guys, at least one of whom used to play in Zouo. Zouo is pretty much as good as it gets for raw, weird Japanese hardcore, so SHI have a lot to live up to, and while they don't really sound like Zouo at all you can definitely tell that this is coming from a similarly warped place. This EP has the heavy production of modern Japanese hardcore, and I guess that you could make a passing comparison to modern "weird" Japanese HC like Manbiki Chocolate, Acute, etc., but where those bands sound kind of awkwardly weird, SHI sounds completely naturally weird and warped. I'm not really sure how else to say it, but this band is just coming from a really cool, really original place while still playing straightforward hardcore punk music. A lot of people have been talking up this 7", and with good reason... highly recommended.

Tags: 10s hardcore japan recommended