SHI: Lucifer Rising 7"

Crust War


2nd EP from this Japanese hardcore band featuring the former singer of the legendary Zouo, and it continues to develop the wild, progressive hardcore sound they established on their first release. Basically, SHI take the classic elements of Japanese hardcore--mostly the heavy, Discharge inspired rhythm section, metallic guitar leads, and nasty, gutteral vocals--and add in elements of industrial music like glitchy drum machines. It's a weird combination, and parts of it almost sound like a distinctly Japanese hardcore take on the whole "digital hardcore" thing that was big in the 90s. You might also draw a comparison to more rock-oriented industrial acts like Ministry or Nine Inch Nails, but none of these comparisons will take you very far in describing SHI's sound because it is very much its own thing. Doubtless it won't be for everyone, but if you want a record that doesn't sound like any other in your collection this is it.

Tags: 10s hardcore industrial japan metal punk