Sheer Mag: S/T 7"

Wilsuns Recording Company


Well, I realize we're a little bit late to the party, but we've finally managed to get in the debut 7" from Philadelphia's Sheer Mag. I have to admit, the hype preceded this one for me, and when I first listened to it I was like "this is cool, but what's the big deal?" But then I had a day where I had this on the turntable at the shop and I just kept flipping it and flipping it. At some point (maybe listen number 3?) it just clicked and I realized that this thing totally smokes. It definitely has a unique sound... either Jeff or Seth described it as being like if Poly Styrene from X-Ray Spex sang for Thin Lizzy, and that pretty much hits the nail on the head. I could also see fans of the Exploding Hearts getting into this as it has a similarly rootsy power-pop sound, but it's more than raw enough that the punks can get into it as well. Either way you slice it, it's easy to see why this is one of the standout punk 7"s of the past few months.

Tags: 10s female-fronted garage power-pop punk recommended rock