Sheer Mag: 2nd 7"

Katorga Works Records


So, due a shipping mix-up we're only just now getting our copies of the second Sheer Mag 7"... thankfully vinyl doesn't have a sell-by date and this one is still a stone-cold banger. I have this habit of not really allowing myself to get totally sucked in by a release until I have the vinyl, so I'd only given the bandcamp for this one a few cursory listens before it arrived. I remember my first impression was that "Fan the Flames" and "Button Up" were stone-cold hits and that the other two tracks weren't as strong. However, now that I've allowed myself to play this thing over and over and over and over like the hit record that it is, I'm fully on board with all four tracks. Yeah, "Fan the Flames" and "Button Up" are still the standouts, but the whole thing is just wall-to-wall brilliant. I don't know how the band does it, but they have arrived at a sound that is wholly distinctive, instantly appealing (seriously, whenever I play this in the shop everyone in the store buys a copy... EVERY TIME), and doesn't wear thin after repeated listens. It's just a great record, and one of the handful of 100% essential punk records of the year. If you didn't manage to get one already jump on it now!
Tags: 10s female-fronted melodic power-pop punk recommended