Shaved Women: Just Death 12"

Malokul Records


Brand new 12" from St. Louis's Shaved Women. I loved this band's last record and they've pretty much blown me away every time I've seen them live, and this new 12" is a monster as well. While they don't really break into too many really fast parts, Shaved Women are undeniably a hardcore band... they kind of lurch along at this totally bruising pace that leaves plenty of room for Ginn-inspired riffage and dense, swirling rhythm guitars. There's definitely a noise rock element at work, but this is a lot more punk than most bands who rep those kinds of influences. File this along with bands like Gag, Shoxx, or the later Double Negative stuff. However, you won't file it away too quickly because this will get numerous spins... a real punisher. Great packaging on this one, too, including a tip-on sleeve and full color artwork.

Tags: 10s hardcore midwest weird