Shaved Christ: Bad Mind 7"

Bakery Outlet Records


Debut 7" from this band from Athens, GA featuring Jason from American Cheeseburger on drums. The label description puts it perfectly when they say that "Shaved Christ has a distinctly small town, "what the f*** is this?", slightly-off sound. Aging punks living in Athens, Georgia, still listening to Void, Pick Your King, Discharge, and early NYHC trying to make any sense of this bizarre reality." In other words, this is straight up hardcore with no frills, but unlike most big-city bands Shaved Christ aren't trying to self-consciously fit into some hyper-specialized trend or subgenre. Like my favorite southern US HC bands, this is all passion, drive, and heaviness, wrapped up in a great recording and eye-catching packaging. Bakery Outlet Records

Tags: 10s USA USHC