Shackles: Live Cassette

Televised Suicide Records


Live cassette from this Brisbane, Queensland, Australia hardcore band

Our take: Televised Suicide are quickly establishing a reputation for themselves as something like the Iron Lung Records of Australia, releasing the best in heavy, progressive, and noteworthy music. This live cassette from Shackles is a bruiser as well... capturing a full set of this band's blistering power violence, the sound is raw yet powerful, showcasing a band that can stand up with pretty much any power violence I've ever heard. What I really like about Shackles is that they seem to completely sidestep the Infest influence that bogs down so many modern power violence bands, instead sounding more like classics such as Neanderthal and (particularly) Crossed Out, not to mention og grind like early Napalm Death or a not-quite-as-raw-and-loose Carcass. Of course the audience for a live cassette like this is necessarily limited, but I don't think that anyone who pulls the trigger will be disappointed.
Tags: 10s australia australia/nz grind grind / power violence grind/pv grindcore hardcore power violence yoobl