SFH: Mayor on Crack 7"

Ugly Pop Records

$2.00 $6.00

Brand new single from this Toronto punk project that came together to "commemorate" all of the recent drama surrounding the city's notorious mayor. The main guy behind this project was in 70s Toronto punk band the Hot Nasties, and this single definitely sounds more like 70s punk than anything else. It kind of reminds me of "novelty" punk in that the song is kind of built around a lyric ("we've got a mayor on crack") and the rest of the song seems built around delivering that quip a bunch of times. The b-side is a shorter and even jokier song that's also about Rob ford. While this kind of thing can have a novel--maybe even throwaway--quality to it, there's something refreshing about hearing a band that isn't so self-serious and that is addressing something that's of the moment rather than the beaten-to-death "timeless" themes that most bands today tend to deal in. If this had a more retro look to the graphic design I could see it going over big with the TermBo crowd, but anyone into catchy '77 punk should be able to get down with this.

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