Seven Inches to Freedom #13 zine



Issue no. 13…back at it with the most interviews in a single issue yet! I try to wring some answers out of Adam P, the sicko who documents punks/outsiders on authentic VHS under the name VIPER VIDEO. I get deep and dirty with Emmy from CRETINS OF DISTORTION FANZINE about all things punk, Midwest, being an MRR columnist and Staples copy scams! And finally there is a write up/interview with the mostly forgotten Long Island Hardcore’ers, HALFMAN. There’s a collection write ups on under-your-radar bands, SOUND LIKE SHIT, OTOPHOBIA, BOXED IN, DEVOID OF FAITH + newer acts MESSRS, SPERM, HERPES and US WASTED. A pretty massive (for SITF) review section closes out the zine with my picks for 2015’s best highlighted. Those bests include records by SNOB, DESTRUCTION UNIT, WYMYNS PRYSYN, BANDAGES, PERSPEX FLESH & more.And last but not least there are tributes to two lifers that we lost recently, Travis Fristoe and Filip Fuchs – complete with a reprint of Filip’s My First Record Story about the first (and only state-sanctioned) punk record in Czechoslovakia.Stripped down layouts and sterilized & stenciled text. This issue seems to cling to frayed edges of punk/hardcore even more so than older issues. I’m bored to death with skinhead posturing & high-fashion punks. This zine is for outsiders/weirdoes who can’t keep up. Read ‘em and weep.36 pages – ½ sized – offset print in Violet & Black ink*

Our take: Latest issue of this long-running zine out of Florida that has long been one of my favorites. Joe has a kind of contemplative writing style that really focuses on depth... it's of a piece with a zine like Distort where the author tends to ruminate at length about their chosen topics, but I'll take the straightforward, earnest style of Seven Inches to Freedom over the pseudo-academic-meets-Lester-Bangs vibe of Distort any day of the week. One place where this zine has always excelled is in pointing the reader's attention toward bands and records that are virtually ignored within the internet hype bubble, and this issue continues to carry that torch in both the regular reviews section and in articles liKe "Best Hardcore Bands You've Forgotten About" and "Best Hardcore Bands You've Never Heard of." If you closely follow Sorry State then you're probably into the type of stuff Joe covers, and I absolutely love the writing here. One of my favorite zines, period.
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