Senior Fellows; Shallow Grave for a Dying God 12" (new)

Dead Tank Records


Encompassing and building on the thoughtful menace of Thou, the brutality of Primitive Man, and securing a backbone inspired by the sheer power of Neurosis, their distaste for organized religion and wider social hopelessness seeps through every pour on the record. Though crushingly feral there are dalliances with catchy melodicism too, adding a further memorable dynamic to the band’s sharp sound. Chad's vocals drip with the broken longing of a man who has worked out that faith in humanity is a lost cause anyway, and compositionally Shallow Grave… is crisp as well as animalistic. Opener ‘Flag of Convenience’ and ‘The Willing Consent to Your Own oppression’ showcase the band’s scope in terms of song-writing.
Tags: 10s bf16 doom metal metal sludge metal