Semi: Go Viral 7"

La Vida Es Un Mus


A chance meeting of GLOOM, THROBBING GRISTLE and DISORDER. Treading the fine line between genius and parody, London's SEMI deliver four tracks of pure noise hardcore punk which will fit right in between a Crust War or Overthrow band from the mid 90s and a MB or Hermann Nitsch collection. Too clean for the crusties and too noisy for the hardcore scene, SEMI bring performance back to the stage, making sure no-one is ever indifferent to their live antics. Go Viral documents the band at its peak and shows a conceptual band of the kind a city only produces every decade.

The record comes housed in a 12 panel CRASS style sleeve designed by singer Ben Fordree giving you just a peak of the trip the band was in. 

Our take: Semi is a new band from London among whose personnel is, I'm pretty sure, Ben from Hunger and Stab. While Semi is billed as "crasher crust," this is so delightfully weird that slapping such a convenient label on it really doesn't do it justice. Sure, there are those Confuse / Gai-esque noisy guitars (which makes me think of Nick G≠'s great name of this genre, Confused Gai Hardcore), but the rhythm section has a lot of meat and drive to it and sounds much more conventionally hardcore than either those bands or most of the ones they inspired. Indeed, the catchy, mid-paced, bass-driven closing track, "Total War On Hard-On," could be compared to Una Bestia Incontrolable just as easily as any Japanese noise-punk. I'm not sure if this is a case of trying to fit in a box and missing gracefully or just ignoring said box and slapping a semi- (get it?) convenient label on it to shift units, but either way I like what I'm hearing. Great artwork on this one too.
Tags: 10s hardcore noisy raw recommended uk yoobl

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