Selfish: Life Has No Vacant Time 12"

Feral Ward Records


After many years, here's an unexpected 3rd LP from Finland's Selfish. Selfish were one of the first bands that I heard from outside Japan that played authentic, Burning Spirits-style hardcore, but in the intervening years since their last LP, Cause Pain, several different waves of fashion for Japanese hardcore have come and gone. A band would need to step up their game considerably to compete, and Selfish has. Everyone has been raving about this LP, and with good reason... it still takes Death Side as its essential main influence, but it's just a little bit more technical and intense than the band's previous releases. Really, someone could probably be convinced this is a long-lost 3rd Death Side LP... it's that spot-on. Feral Ward Records

Tags: 10s D-beat finland metal Scandinavia