Self Abuse: Teenage 12"

Loud Punk Records

$5.00 $11.50

Another UK82 reissue from Loud Punk Records. This time we have Bournemouth's Self Abuse, who had one rather obscure 7", but Teenage is a vinyl version of a cassette full-length originally released in very limited quantities in 1983. This is pretty much straight up UK82 / Riot City / No Future-type stuff... the music and the arrangements are really simple and straightforward, with just a little bit of that classic oi! melody to make it go down smooth. Not as anthemic as Blitz or as tough as the Partisans, Self Abuse should please the fancy of anyone who spends their spare time listening to the Punk and Disorderly comps or has a number of Captain Oi! reissue CDs.

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