Sediment Club: Psychosimplastic 12"

Chu Chu Records


The 2nd full album, featuring 12 tracks from this great NYC band. Like a super-intense, frenetic detonation of New York No Wave! Their sound brings to mind TEENAGE JESUS & THE JERKS, CONTORTIONS or MARS, early HALF JAPANESE, even the POP GROUP or the MINUTEMEN... And the best thing is, they don't really sound like any of those, but got their own exciting thing going on! Recorded and produced by Ivan Julian, who was not only a member of RICHARD HELL & THE VOIDOIDS back then, but also the father of SEDIMENT CLUB's Austin Julian (and BUSH TETRAS' Cynthia Sley being his mom)...
Tags: 10s indie no wave noise-rock noisy punk yoobl