Secret Prostitutes / Cola Freaks: Split 12"

Bad Hair Life Records


Wow, what a pair-up! First up are the almighty Secret Prostitutes, one of the most unique and notorious bands in the current punk scene, dishing out seven more blasts of their simple, catchy punk. I hesitate to call what they're doing a formula--since when you actually listen closely, the songs are all quite unique and different from one another--but they definitely have a distinctive sound, one built around a muscular rhythm section, simple and melodic guitar that recalls classics like Asta Kask or even the Toy Dolls, and the oh-so-unique vocals, which are some of the most distinctive and memorable to be committed to vinyl in some time. In short, if you already know the Secret Prostitutes you need these new tracks, and if you haven't heard them before this is as good a place to start as any. On the flip side we have the final material from Denmark's Cola Freaks. The Cola Freaks are, without a doubt, one of my favorite bands of the past decade or so, and I was really sad to hear they broke up. All the more so, as this material definitely hints at some growth since their last LP for Rob's House Records. The first two songs sound almost like they could have come from that LP--nervous, agitated garage rock with super catchy vocals. However, the 3rd track "Om Jeg Kan Lide Det?" is probably the most melodic thing the band ever did, almost recalling the Marked Men with its mega-catchy chorus, and the last song, "Had for Had," is a kind of droning, repetitive song that recalls the early Fall, a direction that I'm surprised the Cola Freaks didn't explore sooner. Like all of the Secret Prostitutes records, this is pretty darn limited (only 1,000 copies, but the bulk of them went to Europe), and with the added incentive of this being the last Cola Freaks material I don't expect this one to hang around long. However, if you follow either of these great bands (you should be following both!) you really need this split LP. Bad Hair Life Records

Tags: '77 & KBD 10s garage melodic post-punk Scandinavia USA