SDI (Satan's Defloration, Inc): Bloodsucker Demo 1986 12"

FOAD Records

$10.50 $21.00

If you’re into classic no frills German Thrash and Speed Metal, this has the powerful and straightforward riffing assault to gnaw your neck vertebrae into a frantic headbangin’ delirium until you are ready to jump in a suicidal MEGAMOSH!! It reminds of early day Helloween (1985 Ep era) and Iron Angel meet Destruction, all channelled through a more Metal/Punk infused approach. One sided LP with B-Side silkscreened in white with a rare artwork from the original promo. 4 page old school booklet/insert with extensive liner notes, the complete “Bloodsucker” promo photoset and never seen before flyers/artworks.
Tags: 65804 80s europe germany metal reissues thrash metal yoobl