Scythe: demo cassette

Dark Raids


New band from the Bay area playing gruff hardcore-punk. Scythe's sound is something like the grim vocals of Tranquilizer or Zouo with the stompy corroded sound of United Mutation & Gasmask.

Our take: Demo cassette from this new band out of the Bay Area. While the growled vocals will immediately remind you of Blazing Eye (as well as all of the bands who influenced that vocal style, from G.I.S.M. to United Mutation), Scythe are less of a pogo-punk band and have more of that darker Japanese hardcore style. In particular, I'm reminded of a lot of mid-80s Japanese punk... G-Zet, post-flexi Execute, and other heavy, dense, and mid-paced punk bands. The production sounds suitably analog and the band definitely capture the whole aesthetic to a T. Definitely one of the more noteworthy demos of the month.
Tags: 10s bf16 d-beat hardcore raw recommended tapesale