Sculpture Club: A Place to Stand cassette

Diabolical Records


Cassette release from this awesome new wave / pop / post-punk group from Salt Lake City.

Our take: Full-length cassette from this band out of Salt Lake City that plays an interesting, song-oriented post-punk style. The baritone vocals, chiming guitars, and brilliant pop sensibility immediately bring to mind the almighty Chameleons for me, but there's a lot of other comparisons one might make. I'm reminded at times of Protomartyr's dense, literate take on post-punk, and some of the guitar work is complex and interesting enough to warrant a comparison to Johnny Marr. There's also a little bit of modern indie rock in the mix here, but really that just keeps this from sounding like a retro period piece. Honestly, I can't really stand all of the brooding goth bands with songs that don't go anywhere, but I'll always have a spot in my heart for dark pop music like this, and if bands like Chameleons and Siouxsie and the Banshees are your idea of great music this is a band that is worth your time.
Tags: 10s melodic post-punk punk recommended