Screamers: Live at the Masque cassette



Another month brings another Screamers release. The a-side here is an apparently rarely-circulated live recording (from Feb 24, 1978 at the Elks Lodge in LA), and indeed it doesn't appear on the In a Better World double CD, which is my go-to authority on Screamers recordings. Anyway, this is a GREAT sounding set... it's clearly from the soundboard and the fidelity easily matches many of the proper studio recordings that the band did. The mix perhaps leaves a bit to be desired (one keyboard is way louder than the other being the main issue), but this thing sounds absolutely fantastic, the dub is loud and clear, and Screamers heads will absolutely love hearing this stuff. You get four more songs on the b-side, three of which are labeled as "Rene Daalder Demos 1978" (not sure how much these have been circulated... they also don't appear on In a Better World), and "Eva Braun" from the well-known Geza X demos. The packaging on this is also cool, if minimal, and I can promise that no true Screamers fan is going to be disappointed by this.

Tags: 70s california punk reissues synth-punk USA