Scream: Fumble 12" (new)

Dischord Records


On May 20th, Dischord will also reissue Fumble, the final full-length by Washington, DC's Scream. It features nine songs recorded in December of 1989 by Eli Janney at Inner Ear Studios. The line-up on this record was Pete Stahl, Franz Stahl, Skeeter Thompson, and Dave Grohl. Long out of print, this reissue has been remastered by TJ Lipple. The instrumental “Crackman” has been left off of this version to allow for improved sound quality, but the song will be included as part of the digital download. This record has been pressed on clear vinyl.

Our take: As a kid I distinctly remember buying the later Scream albums Banging the Drum and No More Censorship. Those were always in the cheapo used bins at record stores in the Virginia area where I grew up, and the combination of Scream's harDCore pedigree and a pre-Nirvana Dave Grohl were too much to resist checking out. However, I hated those records at the time. I don't recall if I ever checked out 1993's Fumble, and I don't remember enough of the two preceding albums to say whether or not it's in the same vein, but right now I am absolutely loving Fumble. I mean, this is pretty much a grunge record. It was certainly recorded in the grunge era, and like everyone from Green River to Screaming Trees, Scream were working with an interesting set of influences, combining the aggression of punk, the heaviness of Black Sabbath, and the swagger and song-oriented melodies of southern rock. In a world where grunge didn't exist, that particular stew of influences sounds absolutely terrible on paper, but hey, it works. Particularly for a band like Scream who can (and always could, even from their very earliest records) play their asses off. The playing on Fumble is downright virtuosic, with each song practically brimming with melodic and (perhaps even more so) rhythmic nuance. I mean, it sounds dated as hell and if you don't pay much attention to what's actually going on and/or you have no taste you could probably convince yourself you're actually listening to a Candlebox record, but I have to say I fully back this.
Tags: 80s melodic post-hardcore punk yoobl