Scalped: S/T 7"

Warthog Speak Records


Debut 7" from this new San Francisco band that is, I gather, pretty much the continuation of Yadokai with a slightly different lineup (including pop sensation Tony Molina on guitar). While I always liked Yadokai, it seems like the people who saw them live talked much more highly of the band... I guess they never quite captured the power on record. However, I think this Scalped 7" smokes all of the Yadokai stuff. It's similar in approach... the fast parts are kind of loose and chaotic, but then in most songs the band drops with very little warning into these much tighter, bruising breakdown parts. Honestly, some of these breakdowns wouldn't sound out of place on a Cold World record or something like that, but somehow within the context of the loose and scrappy, Neos-esque fast parts it really works. Make no mistake, though, I'm sure these parts would clear a pit. Wrap it all up in some top-notch artwork that would be worthy of a Youth Attack release and you have quite the fetching little hardcore EP.

Tags: 10s hardcore