Scab Eater: S/T 7"

Hardcore Victim Records


Debut 7" from this Australian hardcore band on the venerable Hardcore Victim label. This is kind of an interesting one... it has the typical look of a d-beat record and when you first drop the needle it seems like that's what you're going to get, and while this is certainly straight up hardcore it's a little more interesting than the d-beat tag would lead you to believe. First of all, the guitar sound is really weird, with a very strange-sounding chorus effect that gives the guitar this kind of whooshing sound that's definitely pretty out of the box. Song-wise the riffs are definitely not in the straight up Discharge worship vein, instead pounding out heavy, creative hardcore riffs that almost seem like they shouldn't go with the very basic 1-2-1-2 drumming, but somehow it all adds together and works. Sort of like the Prag 7" that La Vida Es Un Mus just put out, this seems on the surface like it would be a mere genre exercise, but if you actually listen to it closely there's quite a lot going on.

Tags: 10s Australia/NZ hardcore noisy