Savages: Fuckers/Dream Baby Dream 12"

Matador Records


Brand new 12" single from this post-punk style band from England. Their previous LP, Silence Yourself, was one of my favorite records from last year, but this new single is kind of a different beast. The songs are quite long ("Fuckers" is over 10 minutes, while "Dream Baby Dream" is over 7), and while there isn't really a shift in style so much, the added space gives the band a kind of trance-like quality that they didn't really have on the first 12". They've always been excellent at locking into that Gang of Four-type post-punk disco rhythm, but on "Fuckers" they hang on that beat for minutes at a time, really creating an almost psychedelic effect. The b-side is a bit softer, but still has the trademark grit that I love about Savages. I'm sure I would have loved it if this EP was just a continuation of Silence Yourself, but it's even better to see them growing and changing without losing anything I loved about them in the first place.

Tags: 10s female-fronted goth-punk melodic post-punk uk