Satan's Satyrs: Don't Deliver Us 12"

Bad Omen Records


Arriving from Herndon, Virginia in a psychic blizzard of garage-birthed fury and fuzz-crazed abandon, Satan's Satyrs stand proud as a malignant manifestation of all that's debauched and demented in heavy music. What's more, their incoming third album, Don't Deliver Us, beamed in from a metaphysical zone of over-amped '70s power trio action and exploitation-movie malice, may well be the most gory and glorious thing they've thus far wrenched into creation.

Our take: Brand new album from Virginia's Satan's Satyrs, and it's really been catching my ear... this has been one of my go-to records to throw on the turntable as I deal with the mountains of work surrounding Black Friday. I think that I first saw Satan's Satyrs live several years ago when the members were very, very young... I checked out their other records and I liked them just fine, but for whatever reason I didn't keep putting them on. However, Don't Deliver Us has me returning to it again and again like it's a cheap and satisfying corner pizza joint. Perhaps the reason that this grabbed my ear right away is that it starts with an absolutely monster track, "Full Moon and Empty Veins," which takes the well-established Satyrs sound and infuses a heaping helping of Stooges-inspired idiot piano banging, and if there's one musical move I'm a sucker for it's a piano playing a simple drone note over a nasty punk riff. From there the album winds its way through eight more tracks that combine a whole bunch of different punk and metal subgenres... acid rock in the Deep Purple / BOC vein, Stooges-esque riffy sleaze, a little bit of Sabbath dirge, and of course the instantly-identifiable, high-pitched vocals that owe a clear debt to Pentagram's Bobby Liebling. Honestly, this album just straight up smokes, and it's great to hear a band that wouldn't be terribly out of place at a garage-rock show or a metal show playing music that doesn't feel contrived in the least. Definitely one of my favorite releases of a month packed with great music.
Tags: 10s 112715 metal punk recommended stoner rock