Sarcofago: INRI 12"

Greyhaze Records


Beautiful reissue of this Brazilian metal classic. It's kind of a hard record to contextualize in terms of its subgenre because it's so not of its time... it came out in 1986, but really sound more like fully-formed black metal than just about anything that came before it. In that sense, you can definitely put this record right alongside the early Bathory records and the Celtic Frost / Hellhammer stuff as some of the rawest and most extreme metal in the world at the time. If you like your metal raw, primitive, and evil as hell, this album needs to be in your collection, and this gorgeous reissue (which contains a full-color gatefold jacket and full-color 12"x24" insert) will do the trick nicely. Greyhaze Records

Tags: 80s Latin America metal noisy primitive reissues yoobl