Sang: Mon Oblidat 7"

La Vida Es Un Mus


SANG‘s ‘Món Oblidat’ destroys everything in its path, literally, with a coruscating deluge of rasping guitars and venomous vocals. Drenched in feedback; drowning in gain; writhing in squall; entombed in overdriven distortion: riffs the size of Godzilla stomp through the genre-ghetto, laying waste to lesser-mortals, with a wagging tail the size of an aural tsunami. Total devastation is all that remains in the wake of this record. If you thought Barcelona‘s ‘Extremo Nihilismo En Barcelona’ was the last word in ferocity, then prepare your flabber for pure gastation.

Our take: I must admit that I was pretty smitten with this band from the moment I checked out their tracks on LVEUM's bandcamp. The first thing that stuck out, obviously, were the vocals. There are so many ways to approach the hardcore punk vocal--the shout, the scream, the grunt, etc.--but rarely have I heard the howl employed so effectively. Sang's vocalist has a similar timbre to Tam from Sacrilege, but a little bit fuller, more powerful, and to my ear more memorable. Once the actual 7" arrived at the shop my appreciation for this record only deepened. First of all, it's gorgeous. It looks to me like they've screen-printed the jacket (and the insert, which is nuts!) and then had it machine-folded, so it looks precise and professional while still feeling substantial and hand-made. Second, the vinyl sounds great. The recording here is just perfect, with rich, full bass and a big, expansive sound that's still a bit raw. Listening to this over and over I've really come to appreciate how great Sang are at playing at different tempos. Each side of this EP starts with a fast song and follows it with a more mid-paced track. Both are of equal quality and interest, which makes me realize that's not the case with a lot of bands. If punk bands vary their tempo at all, it's often that they implicitly privilege either slow or fast tempos, the lesser one providing little more than a necessary counterpoint to the band's dominant mode. Such is not the case with Sang... though they're loud, fast, and 100% hardcore punk, the songs and particularly the playing feels fleshed out and lived in in a way that most hardcore bands can only aspire to. A standout release on a standout label, and extremely highly recommended.
Tags: 10s female-fronted hardcore punk raw recommended spanish-language yoobl