Sailboats Are White: Turbo II 7"

Schizophrenic Records

$2.50 $5.00

Debut 7" from this Canadian band on Schizophrenic Records. The label description mentions Black Flag, Big Black, Mission of Burma, and Chrome all in the same breath, and oddly enough that's not a bad reference point for this record. The insistent drum machine rhythms definitely remind me of Atomizer-era Big Black, but like that band there's an intensity and wildness that makes it seem almost impossible that a machine could be holding down the rhythm. It also has the complex textures and weirdness of the latter two bands... basically, this is hardcore, but it's hardcore that's harnessing all of that intensity and anger and letting it spill outside the box into true darkness. Killer. Schizophrenic Records

Tags: 10s Canada post-punk