Sado-Nation: Disruptive Pattern 12"

Gummopunx Records


Compilation of previously unreleased material by this early 80s Portland punk band who you may know from their exceedingly rare debut 7" on Greg Sage's Trap Records and their 1982 LP We're Not Equal. The main attraction here is an aborted 1980 LP session that was previously only released on a Grand Theft Audio compilation CD. This finds the band playing primitive, straightforward 70s punk. The combination of Pistols-influenced riffs and powerful, anthemic lady vox can't help but bring to mind the almighty Avengers, and it's nearly on that level in terms of quality as well. In addition to that LP, you also get 3 songs from a 1983 recording session that were only circulated on an extremely rare promo cassette. Gummopunx Records

Tags: '77 & KBD 80s melodic USA