Sad Boys: Cry Now Cry Later 7"

Pogo & Cry Records


Brand new EP from NY's rising stars. I was really surprised how deeply their first EP on Toxic State got its hooks into me... aside from, say, early Asta Kask pogo punk isn't a genre I typically reach for, but the songs on that EP (especially "Frolic") were just so infectious that I kept listening again and again. Cry Now Cry Later is a worthy follow-up, with the title track rivaling "Frolic" as the best Sad Boys track to date. I'm not sure what kind of alchemy the band employs to come up with this stuff, but the songs are just so dynamic, giving me this invigorating rush of energy whenever I listen to them. Since Sad Boys' name is so strongly associated with the word "pogo" you'd be forgiven for assuming this is a genre record, but I really think it transcends it, and if you dig "fun" punk like the Dickies or the Toy Dolls you'll almost certainly love this. Pogo and Cry Records

Tags: 10s melodic NYC pogo UK82 USA