Sacrificio: Juventud Descecebrada 7"

Cintas Pepe Records


More raw, killer Mexican punk from the Cintas Pepe label. Pretty much everything that this label puts out is solid gold, and this Sacrificio 7" is a ripper as well. I'm having a tough time finding reference points for it... it definitely reminds me more than a little bit of Wretched thanks to its wild, loose quality, but there's just so much at work here that I don't want to to make them sound like some clone band. Indeed, one of the great things about Mexican punk at the moment is that it doesn't seem so concerned with the formal and stylistic boundaries that stymie so much of the punk in the rest of the world... this is just raw, raging and passionate, and not afraid to try something different, which might take the form of a little melodic part or a weird transitional part, but the core always remains raw, raging hardcore. If you like your punk raw, visceral, and passionate you probably already know the Cintas Pepe label, so I'll just assure you that this sticks to the label's same level of quality. Oh, and like all of their other releases this has beautiful screen-printed artwork.

Tags: 10s hardcore latin america mexico punk raw spanish-language