s***ty Limits: Speculate/Accumulate 12"

Sorry State Records

$5.00 $10.00

After one of the most impeccable runs of vinyl in modern punk, this 12" EP sadly marks the s***ty Limits' swan song. It's been a long road from Limits Appear to here, but if, like me, you have thought every s***ty Limits record was better than the last then you'll be wild about this 12". While there are still spastic hardcore bangers like "Survey Says," the quirky, Fall-esque influences apparent on the last few releases come to the fore with songs like "Medication Time" and "Future Mantra." I'm still crushed that this band decided to call it quits, but at least Speculate/Accumulate assures that I'll have a great soundtrack when I cry myself to sleep each night. Limited to 300 copies.

Listen to the track "Future Mantra:"

The s***ty Limits: Future Mantra by sorrystaterecords
Tags: 10s post-punk UK USHC