S-21: demo cassette



KILLER demo cassette from this new Philadelphia hardcore band.

Our take: Four-song demo from this new Philly band and whoa is it burly! I'm not sure if Hoax is a reference point that people throw around all that much anymore, but that distinctive bass tone, the infectious but frustratingly rare bursts of lead guitar, moshable but not tough-guy sounding rhythms, and most of all the way the singer belts out a perfect bark at the break in "Prisoner" definitely makes that comparison appropriate in my book. The big difference, of course, is that S-21 have a woman on the mic, not that that should really make a difference, but it definitely makes them stand out from the pack a bit in a sub-sub-genre where you might expect the singer to be a big burly dude. Wrap it all up in a beefy and powerful recording and you have an essential piece of the puzzle for anyone following the new wave of killer hardcore coming out of Philly.
Tags: 10s female-fronted hardcore noisy punk recommended