Rumpshaker #6 zine



You may be taken aback by the price, but I assure you that Rumpshaker is much closer to a book than a zine, both in length (144 square-bound pages at full size) and in the quality of the content. The zine is mostly composed of interviews, but they're fascinating, well-considered interviews that all take a unique and interesting approach to their subjects. You get conversations with Mike Judge, Ceremony, Punch, F***ed Up, Tim Barry, Limp Wrist, Sick of It All, Chris from Bridge 9 Records, Walter Schreifels, Dan Yemin, and Chuck D (the last three interviewed in tandem with their mothers). Obviously this is a bit more of the commercial / popular end of hardcore than most of the stuff that Sorry State covers, but if you're a punk book nerd like me who will read just about any printed matter connected to punk, then you NEED this one. A really fascinating read.