Ruleta Rusa: No Aqui Es 12"

Sorry State Records


Debut 12" from this San Francisco punk band that first caught my ear on their split 7" with Mexico's Los Monjo. Like Los Monjo (and like singer Jose's old band, Peligro Social), Ruleta Rusa take the big, anthemic riffs of old Spanish punk like Eskorbuto and inject them with the wild energy of 80s US hardcore, sealing the deal with a sprinkling of infectious, rocked-out lead guitar. Whether they're bashing out an upbeat singalong like "La Ley" or a darker, more downbeat song like the title track, Ruleta Rusa fill every moment with maximum power and energy. Recommended for punks who like punk.

The mailorder edition is on red vinyl and featured a screen-printed, 2-color obi strip. Limited to 163 copies.

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Tags: 10s garage melodic sorry state spanish-language USHC yoobl