Rule of Thirds: S/T 7"

Video Disease Records


Debut 7" from this Australian goth/death rock band that had an early demo tape that was also released by Video Disease in the US. They've progressed a bit since the demo, sounding more fleshed-out and band-like. They still sound quite a lot like Christian Death to me, which is the point I guess. There are a lot of these neo-goth bands out there these days, mining various aspects of the sound from early Siouxsie-esque melodic dirges (Blue Cross) to Bauhaus-style glam pomposity (Deathcharge) to early Joy Division-inspired minimalism (just about everyone else), but Rule of Thirds have carved out a nice little niche for themselves by upping the creepiness factor and (thank god) having a vocalist who can actually kinda sing. Fancy packaging on this one, too, including matte finish covers and a fancy printed inner sleeve. Video Disease Records

Tags: 10s Australia/NZ female-fronted goth-punk post-punk