Ruined Fortune: Bulls Eye 7"

RIP Society Records


Still Single says...New äóìband swapäó? action from Sydney, with Angela from Circle Pit and Straight Arrows and Nic from Bed Wettinäó» Bad Boys and the R.I.P. Society label. Listened once and wasnäó»t feeling it, then came back to it today and changed my tune, though they hadnäó»t theirs äóñ very decent, hook-filled, noisy lo-fi rock with a punk edge, channeling Detroit äó»75 on äóìBulls Eyeäó? and Los Angeles äó»79 on äóìHope Diamond.äó? Pretty full-sounding for a two-piece, though this has since been expanded to a full band version for tour with the excellent Constant Mongrel. The vocals are just a little bit too bored/jaded to animate these songs any more than they already are, but sometimes a dull knife cuts far more severely than a sharp one. Respectable work from a label that is almost always on these days.

Tags: australia/NZ garage