Rubbish: American Hardcore cassette



Demo cassette from this new band out of Gainesville, Florida. I think that at this point (at least in my little corner of the punk scene) Gainesville is known for totally authentic-sounding d-beat... that's not what you get here, but they did go ahead and title this demo American Hardcore, so they aren't really hiding their influences any more than Mauser, Ectoplasm, or Process are. Of course American Hardcore can mean a lot of different things to different people, and for whatever reason Rubbish remind me a lot of early 80s Connecticut bands like 76% Uncertain, Reflex from Pain, CIA (LP-era, at least) and the like. Maybe it's the vocals, which have that kind of muted shouting kind of sound, but the slightly technical riffing, tight performance, and kind of proto-youth crew vibe make me think of those bands (as well as early 80s NYHC like the Abused and Antidote, who influenced the youth crew scene just as much). Fans of prime No Way Records bands like Direct Control and Government Warning will also be stoked. American Hardcore indeed!
Tags: 10s hardcore usa ushc