Roky Erickson: Don't Slander Me 12"

Light in the Attic Records


Received a 7.9 rating from Pitchfork. Celebrating a creative purple patch by a singular performer, Light In The Attic is to reissue the three albums issued by ROKY ERICKSON in the 1980s: The Evil One (LITA 097), Doní´t Slander Me (LITA 098) and Gremlins Have Pictures (LITA 099). Together, theyí´re a chance to pick up a missing jigsaw piece in the history of American rock íîní´ roll in deluxe packages.í_í_If The Evil One was the album that broke Erickson out of the indie ghetto and brought him to a worldwide audience, the follow-up, 1986í´s Doní´t Slander Me was the one that showcased his rock and roll sensibilities like no recording before. Losing the more out-there and exotic elements of earlier and future albums, it presents us with Erickson the rocker, playing punk, rockabilly, blues andíïin íîBurn The Flamesí´, later found on the Return Of The Living Dead soundtrackíïeven power ballads. CD includes an 18-page booklet. Vinyl edition feaures a booklet, download card and Side D etching by artis TRAViS MILLARD.

Tags: 70s psychedelic reissues