Rodney Shades Band: In the Kingdom 7"

Antisociety Records


Scotland, true NWOBHM

Our take: I think it's kind of funny that the description of this record on SPHC's web site reads "true NOWBHM," because I think the question is very much open as to whether Rodney Shades Band are "false metal." When I first heard this, I would have said without question that they were false metal. Those goofy-sounding vocals made me think that this was a parody record, and I'm not a big fan of ironic distance in metal... I want my metal to mean it, and not to be delivered with a wink-wink-nudge-nudge. However, as I played this record for people in the store, mostly to laugh at it, I found myself growing to really like it. I found myself humming the chorus to "In the Kingdom" whenever I wasn't actively listening to something else. Eventually that ironic distance melted away, my ears grew accustomed to the, shall way say, "interesting" vocal style, and I realized that I legit love this, particularly the a-side. So, I look forward to continuing the discussion about whether the Rodney Shades Band are true or false metal, but whichever way it goes I'll be humming this tune for a long time to come.
Tags: 10s gb325 metal nwobhm scotland uk yoobl