Rixe: Coups Et Blessures 7"

La Vida Es Un Mus


Debut 7" from this French band who pretty much nail the old French oi! sound of bands like Infanterie Sauvage. In case you haven't heard that sound, it's a weird little permutation of oi!, kind of slow and plodding and a little rickety-sounding, but emphasizing the simple pop hooks of first-gen UK oi! bands like Blitz and Cockney Rejects. Obviously there's a kind of charm to loose and scrappy punk music like this, but (like the best oi! bands) where Rixe really excel is in songcraft. The melodies are simple but memorable, and the arrangements do an incredible job of highlighting everything that is great about their songwriting. A seriously great 7", and listening to this is akin to hearing the first Criminal Damage LP or the Crown Court demo for the first time... you'll realize you never expected modern oi! to be this great. Highest possible recommendation!

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Tags: 10s europe france melodic oi! recommended